Vinylex M

Art. no. RD20018003

Vinylex® powder-free - diagnostic vinyl gloves.

Without pulverizers, it reduces the incidence of allergies and dry skin on the hands. Good quality at a low price. The textured surface ensures a secure grip and outstanding tactile sensitivity.

Especially recommended for:
Medical procedures
Household work

Standards and certifications:
Compliance with standards:
EN ISO 374-1
EN 420
EN 455 (1-4)
EN ISO 374-2
Regulation (EU) 2017/745
EN 1041
EN ISO 15223
EN 16523-1
EN ISO 374-4
EN ISO 374-5
EN ISO 13485: 2016
Regulation (EU) 2016/42


  • Divisional packaging: 100 pieces
  • Transport packaging: 1000 pcs