MiniMix XL test tube balance

Art. no. MM1100 XL

MiniMix XL is based on our popular MiniMix but can handle up to 12 tubes.

MiniMix XL is mainly intended for use in the laboratory where there is not much space to place other types of cradles. Otherwise, it has the same characteristics as MiniMix, such as that it can handle most types of pipes and that the cradle plane moves at a large angle to ensure efficient mixing. as possible. To adapt to different needs, the speed of the cradle can be infinitely adjusted and a delay can be set in the turning positions. 

The cradle plane can be easily removed for e.g. cleaning.

The MiniMix XL is powered by the included power adapter or via the USB cable. rechargeable built-in battery.


Divisional packaging: 1 piece

Transport packaging: 1 piece