ComfiSpec® Combipack Sterile

Art. no. D52203-S

ComfiSpec® Combi-pack D52203 is a package with a combination of sterile self-retaining vaginal speculums for single use.

The ComfiSpec® Combi pack includes:

5 x ComfiSpec® Small
15 x ComfiSpec® Medium

5 x ComfiSpec® Medium-Long

The Comfispec® series is designed for the demanding gynecologist who requires high quality and safe construction. The speculum has smooth surfaces and gently rounded corners, which contributes to a gentle and smooth procedure.

- Optimal opening width of as much as 38 degrees

- Frosted and patterned handle for secure grip

- "Fail Safe Points" are located outside the body

- Smooth surfaces and gently rounded corners

- Proven quality and strength

- Minimal squeezing of vaginal walls

- 15 speculums in a package