EasySpec® is a single-use, self-retaining vaginal speculum.

The speculum's smooth surfaces, gently rounded corners and its special surface make insertion smooth, easy and gentle. After insertion, EasySpec® can be fixed at the desired angle by adjusting the silent and simple locking device.

Advantages of using self-retaining speculum:

Easy to use as it does not require constant adjustment or holding by a medical professional.

Because it can stay open without anyone having to hold it, the doctor or caregiver can focus better on the examination and have both hands free for other tasks.

By staying open on its own, it can potentially reduce discomfort for the patient, as it can reduce the need to adjust the speculum during the examination.

Available in sizes XS, Small, Medium, Large and XL.

  • Silent and secure locking device
  • Low friction surface for smooth insertion
  • Smooth surfaces and gently rounded corners
  • Easy to grip
  • Minimal squeezing of vaginal walls
  • Optimal opening width



  • Divisional packaging: 25 pieces
  • Transport packaging: 150 pcs
  • Pallet quantity: 2400 pcs