Mercator Nitrylex classic black L

Art. no. RD30104004

Single-use, powder-free nitrile examination gloves

Excellent tactile sensitivity, micro-textured fingertips provide a secure grip in both wet and dry environments.

A comfortable, soft and flexible, nitrile glove that provides safety in many situations. Designed with a special nirile composition that provides the same feel and fit as latex, full freedom of movement and excellent flexibility for less fatigue. The gloves do not contain latex and are therefore an excellent option for those with a type I latex allergy.
- When protection against microorganisms is required
- For people with hypersensitivity to latex
- Gypsum handling (fiberglass)
- Handling of cystostatics and chemicals
- 100% latex-free examination glove made of durable nitrile, eliminating the risk of type I allergic reactions associated with natural latex.
- Highly elastic and soft
- Rolled edge for easier donning
- Designed to mimic the characteristics of natural latex gloves.
- Textured fingertips for best grip in all situations
- Safe for food handling also for cooking and handling fatty foods such as olive and fish liver oil.
- Protects against a wide range of chemicals
- AQL 1.5
- In accordance with EN 455 and EN 374



Mercator application.pdf


  • Detail: 3,5 g
  • Transport packaging: 350 g


  • Divisional packaging: 100 pieces
  • Transport packaging: 1000 pcs