VagiPress® Loop

VagiPress® Loop is a single-use vaginal depressor.

VagiPress Loop is a single-use vaginal depressor. Can be used advantageously with a two-piece speculum.

By using a depressor simultaneously with a two-piece speculum, the doctor can create more space and better exposure of the examination area. This improves visibility and accessibility to perform accurate and complete examinations.

By using a depressor, the doctor can guide the tissue to minimize discomfort for the patient during the examination. It can also facilitate the insertion of the speculum by creating more space and aligning it more comfortably.

The improved visibility and accessibility achieved by using both speculum and depressor may increase the physician's ability to detect any abnormalities or pathologies in the examination area, leading to a higher diagnostic accuracy. In conclusion, the use of both a two-piece speculum and a depressor can improve both the physician's ability to perform accurate examinations and the patient's experience by reducing discomfort and increasing the visibility and accessibility of the examination area.

It is available in two variants: solid and loop

Available in 3 different finishes: White, Transparent and as a single pack.

  • Stable construction
  • Easy to grip
  • Different sizes of spatulas
  • Can be advantageously used in combination with 1320 and 1322 as the notch in the depressor is threaded over the side edge of the speculum, allowing both instruments to be operated with one hand.
  • To have two hands free, put the Vagipress on the edge of the Vagispec so that it is stuck there.