VagiVital VS Pro

Art. no. 500-C0001

The VagiVital VS-Pro is a patented Swedish method of gynaecologists, obstetricians and midwives who want to evaluate women with vaginal symptoms to exclude bacterial vaginosis

 The reading can be taken within 30 seconds, which makes it very practical to use both on youth centers and clinics. VagiVital VS Pro consists of of a vaginal stick, coated with an innovative patent protected polymer, which contains the colorimetric pH indicator Nitrazine Yellow. When the polymer, which is yellow before use, comes into contact with liquids with an elevated pH. level, the user observes blue or green spot on the yellow indicator. What makes the sensitivity much higher is that than pure pH tests is that VagiVital VS Pro also takes into account the the buffering capacity of the fluids.

Affects around 30% of all women - many of whom have recurrent BV

- Smelly, copious, watery and greyish-yellow discharge.

- Sometimes burning and itching

- Increased risk of pregnancy complications, endometritis after childbirth and an increased risk of complications from abortion or IUD insertion

- Increasing the risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases infections

VagiVital VS Pro - how it works

- Vaginal swab

- Top impregnated with pH-sensitive polymer matrix containing nitrazine indicator

- The top changes color from yellow to green/blue in contact with liquefaction with elevated pH or low buffering capacity

- Easily readable within 30 seconds for caregivers and providers respectively patient