Reusable bands that can be washed.

CTG tape is used during pregnancy to monitor the baby's heart sounds and the mother's uterine contractions. It is applied around the woman's abdomen and records both the baby's heartbeat and the mother's contractions on a graph. CTG strips provide comprehensive and detailed monitoring of the baby's well-being during delivery.

The advantages of using a CTG tape on a reel?

Adaptation: Every patient's size and shape is different. By supplying CTG tapes on a roll, doctors can cut the belts to the exact length required for each individual patient. This customization ensures a tight and secure fit, which is essential for accurate monitoring of fetal heart rate and uterine contractions.
Reduced waste: By providing tape on a roll, healthcare facilities can minimize waste by cutting only the necessary length needed for each use.
Flexibility: Hospitals and clinics deal with patients of different sizes and shapes. Having CTG strips on a roll allows medical staff to easily adapt to different patient needs. They can cut longer strips for larger patients or shorter strips for smaller patients, ensuring comfort and efficiency during monitoring.

3 widths: 32 mm, 50 mm and 100 mm

 Length: 15 m

  • 32mm (art. no: 1500-0515)
  • 50mm (art. no: 1500-0643)
  • 100mm (art.nr: 9620)