Proctoscope Diamond™

Art. no. 1511

It has never been easier - the Proctoscope Diamond™ with universal lamp holder is a disposable instrument for procto-logical examination and treatment.

The Proctoscope Diamond™ has a retractable sheath on one side to provide better access to the anal canal for targeted therapy with full visibility. On the opposite side, there is a slotted window for greater freedom of movement during various treatments. The instrument can be inserted diagonally without impairing the visibility of the user. The hatch can be opened to the desired length for the chosen treatment or can be pulled out completely, it can also be brought back to rotate the Proktosko-pet without the underlying mucosa following the rotation. The instrument is a few centimeters longer than other proctoscopes for better exposure of the anal canal and lower rectum. Local anesthetics can be injected for surgery. The Proctoscope Diamond™ protects sensitive areas of the anal canal and clearly exposes desired areas to facilitate surgical procedures, rubber band treatments, injection, suture, pexy and tissue sampling etc.