VagiVital AL

Art. no. 400-C0001

VagiVital AL for amniotic fluid leakage is a patented Swedish method for detecting amniotic fluid leakage. The test consists of a panty shield with a patented film that detects pH and ammonia levels in liquid. The test strip in binder acts as a pH indicator and changes color to blue and/or green when in contact with liquid with pH ≥ 6,5. Amniotic fluid has a pH above 6.5. The test strip also reacts on the level of ammonia in the fluid. In case of urine leakage, which has a high level of ammonia present, the color returns to yellow when ammonia evaporates. It is therefore important to wait for 15 minutes after the blindfold has been removed before the final result. can be interpreted.

Advantages of VagiVital AL

The VagiVital AL binder has the ability to detect even an small volume of amniotic fluid over a longer period of time (up to 12 hours per volume) which allows for continuous monitoring and can therefore contribute to avoid misdiagnosis of amniotic fluid leakage. Minimum detection volume is 100 microliters. VagiVital AL is a non-invasive alternative to other detection methods and provides a fast result (in 15 minutes) with high sensitivity 97, 06% and specificity 96.92%. No sterile instruments and no reception room required. Vagivital AL can also be used on midwifery clinics to screen for water retention when gravida seeks for unclear leakage or moisture in panty. AL bandage can also be used in the maternity ward in situations where the leaking so little water or with such intermittent leakage that a standard vaginal examination does not reveal water leakage. The pregnant woman can then take the pad home with her and be instructed to to let you know if it turns blue and/or green. After amniocentesis for prenatal diagnosis, it is very common amniotic fluid leakage. AL bandage can be used in those situations to detect when amniotic fluid leakage is stopped and the pregnant woman can start to move and live normally again.