New print on CETRO® Rectoscope We are now in full swing printing our new logo on the CETRO® Rectoscope. CETRO® Rectoscope is used for examinations in the rectum, also known as rectoscopy. Our rectoscope has smoothly rounded edges and surfaces, which contributes to a more gentle and comfortable examination for the patient. Rectoscopy is performed, among other things, for [...].

VagiVital VS Pro

For bacterial vaginosis What is VagiVital VS Pro? VagiVital VS-Pro is a patented Swedish method for gynecologists, obstetricians and midwives who want to evaluate women with vaginal symptoms to rule out bacterial vaginosis. The reading can be done within 30 seconds, which makes it very practical to use both in youth centers and clinics. VagiVital VS Pro consists [...].

VagiVital AL

A non-invasive method to detect amniotic fluid leakage What is VagiVital AL? VagiVital AL for amniotic fluid leakage is a patented Swedish method for detecting amniotic fluid leakage. The test consists of a cover with a patented film that detects pH and ammonia levels in liquid. The test strip in the binder acts as a pH indicator and changes color to blue and/or [...].