New print on CETRO® Rectoscope We are now in full swing printing our new logo on the CETRO® Rectoscope. CETRO® Rectoscope is used for examinations in the rectum, also known as rectoscopy. Our rectoscope has smoothly rounded edges and surfaces, which contributes to a more gentle and comfortable examination for the patient. Rectoscopy is performed, among other things, for [...].

VagiVital AL

A non-invasive method to detect amniotic fluid leakage What is VagiVital AL? VagiVital AL for amniotic fluid leakage is a patented Swedish method for detecting amniotic fluid leakage. The test consists of a cover with a patented film that detects pH and ammonia levels in liquid. The test strip in the binder acts as a pH indicator and changes color to blue and/or [...].