On January 1, 2023 we change our name to Cetro Medical AB. 

Cetro Medical AB has been in Wing Plast's ownership for a long time and we have now chosen to have CETRO MEDICAL as our public face. 

In practice, the name change means the following: 

From 1 January - Same organization number, address, telephone, staff, but under a new company name and logo. 

Winter/Spring - We are gradually replacing letterhead and envelopes, invoices, signs, business cards, clothing, promotional and marketing materials. Mailing addresses: the current ones will be valid and transferred to info@cetromedical.se. 

Website: the new domain name will be www.cetromedical.se and the previous address www.wingplast.se will be pointed to the new domain name. 

Contracts and ongoing assignments: We only change the name and logo, the legal entity with organization number 556096-7522 remains the same. 

This means that: 

- All current agreements apply

- All agreements related to ongoing missions apply

- All purchase agreements are valid

- All outstanding quotes are valid for the period specified in the quote.

If you have any questions, you are, as always, welcome to contact your contact person or the undersigned.

Stefan Wilhelmsson

CEO Wing Plast AB